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I used to have one requirement for the food I ate, it had to be tasty. Now that I am trying to become healthy, my requirements have changed a bit. It must be low-fat, low-calories, less meat, more veggies, no carbs, no rice, no pasta, cheap, take less than 20 minutes to make, and be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. This perfect food does not exist. If it does, please let me know!

The most difficult thing for me while learning to eat healthy has dealt with lunches at work. I did not want to give up my free time on Sundays to prep lunches, and it was difficult to give up the fast food I had grown to love so much. However, over the past few months, while learning to meal prep, I have discovered I really enjoy trying the new recipes. Not only have I discovered a new hobby, it lead to me creating this blog. Every week, I try something new, and every week, I discover something I did wrong that could have been done better. But I realized, I never document which ones I liked, or my suggestions of improvements, so I never try the recipe again. While I may discuss other foods I found I enjoyed, or did not enjoy, my main focus is going to be on lunch prepping.

My journey to healthy eating has been a long one, and I have a long way to go, but I have learned a lot along the way. I started this blog to document mistakes I have made and what I have learned from those mistakes. And I appreciate any comments and suggestions that would help me on my journey. Please check back weekly for my latest lunch prep attempt.

Coming soon, Adult Lunchables…


Published by Selkie

I am a mother of 2, I work in the tech field, and I am new to blogging and healthy eating.

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