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Probably Not the Healthiest:

Carnita’s is another one of my favorite meals, so I have made them, and messed them up, several times. Keep in mind, since the only veggies in this dish is a bit of onion, these are probably not the healthiest. But they are really quick, easy, and tasty. Just cook a pork roast, shred it up with some seasonings, portion it in the big compartments, and top with your choice of toppings. I use diced onion and chopped cilantro. Keep in mind, if you plan to heat this meal up, you may not want to put lettuce on the meat. This can be stored seperately. Then portion canned refried beans into one small compartment, and top with a little enchilada sauce and shredded cheddar cheese. I use fat-free refried beans in attempt to make this meal a bit healthier. Portion spanish rice in the final compartment. I use Zatarain’s spanish rice or cilantro lime rice cooked in a rice cooker.

There are different methods for cooking pork roasts, but I like to put several at a time in the sous vide at 160 degrees for 18 hours, with no seasonings, so I can start them the night before and just let it go all night. Making a small toddler pool worth of pulled pork allows me to freeze leftovers in small portions for later and use other things. I can then use the extra meat for quick BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, or tacos at a later date.

How I F*d Up:

The first time making this, I assembled the tacos in the box with small soft corn tortillas. Which fell apart upon attempting to eat the next day.

The second time making this, I attempted at making this meal healthier and tastier by adding vegan cheese and some kind of vegan, non-dairy, imitation, plain greek yogurt to everything. It did not make anything tastier and the cheese never melted. I had just watched the Jay and Silent Bob reboot, where they kept making jokes about Silent Bob being vegan. Seeing how much weight Kevin smith lost, I went to the store and bought 4 packages vegan sliced turkey, 2 packages vegan sliced cheese, a package of vegan shredded cheese, and a tub of the imitation yogurt. I still have 3 and a half packages of vegan sliced turkey, 1 package of vegan sliced cheese, and half a package of vegan shredded cheese in my fridge that I probably won’t eat. The fake yogurt turned to liquid overnight after opening and was thrown away.

Suggestions for Improvement:

First, Package tortillas and any veggies that are not to be heated up seperately, then assemble while eating. Second, don’t use vegan things to replace dairy, unless you actually are vegan and know what kinds are good. If you are not vegan, but want to make this healthier, use fat free versions of actual cheese and sour cream.


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I am a mother of 2, I work in the tech field, and I am new to blogging and healthy eating.

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