Adult Lunchable v2.0

I’m the only one that liked it:

I had initially planned to keep it easy and do another week of Adult lunchables using the two extra hams I bought and froze last time I made them. Then I realized this was the same week as Easter dinner and a weeks worth of ham leftovers. That’s entirely too much ham for one week, so I deided to change it up a bit.

For this weeks box, I used salami, pita, grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, 3 different varieties of cheese, and 4 different varieties of hummus. I did not label what was what, so it was a bit of a mystery box regarding the cheese and hummus. I figured this was a good change from the usual ham/celery/carrot combo I usually do, especially since last weeks celery got weird really quickly. I liked to spread the hummus on the pita, top with cucumber slices, and call it a “healthy pizza”. Unfortunately, I am the only person that liked this meal.

How I F*d Up:

The only issue I persnally had with these boxes was the variety of cheeses. The smoked cheddar had the taste and texture of smoke flavored wax and the other looked like it started sweating after a day or two. However, some of the comments/questions I heard from my family included: “I ate it at 8am, I’m starving”, “What’s with these little tomatoes, they taste weird”, “Why is this hummus sweet?”, “What’s wrong with this cheese?”, “This is a nice snack, what’s for lunch?” and those are the only comments I actually remember. There were multiple comments each day one of these meals were eaten.

I did initially plan for these boxes to count as lunch, but when I posted the picture online, I got a lot of comments questioning if this was a snack. Many people said this wouldn’t be enough food for a meal. I agreed with them at the time, never admitting I had intended on this being lunch. While I did find it filling enough to count as lunch, my boyfriend very much agreed with those on the internet that said it was only a small snack. But maybe if he’d eaten his little tomatoes and cheese wax, he would have gotten fuller. To be fair, though, nobody ate the cheese wax.

Suggestions for improvement:

While these meals are versitile and can be changed, some type of filler needs to be included. Thick sliced ham adds substance to the meal, making it more filling, but thinly sliced salami is not filling enough, so something more filling needs to be added.

When trying new cheeses, use only one kind of new cheese, while the majority of the cheese used are known favorites. If the new cheese is liked, it can be added in the future, but if it is not liked, it doesn’t waste as much.

Make sure all the foods used in the meals are liked by everyone eating the boxes. A lot of food will be thrown away, and people will complain about not getting full, if they do not like half of the food included.

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I am a mother of 2, I work in the tech field, and I am new to blogging and healthy eating.

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